Over the last few decades, as technology and manufacturing have improved the quality of decorative surfacing products we at ATLANTIC PAVING COMPANYrecognized the benefit of having specific products designed for each type application. It is based on this core concept that we developed one of the most complete full spectrum product lines in the industry. By having such a varied product line we can offer our clients whether FDOT, FHWA, FDEP, Municipalities or Commercial Developers the absolute best pricing with products specifically tailored to their needs. Our full spectrum product line has positioned APC to be at the forefront of this technological revolution in product development coupled with proper implementation. Our varied product line has earned us the reputation as the go to company for many statewide decorative roadway projects and commercial applications of all types.

Our reputation has only grown stronger over the past almost 20 years through consistently providing our clients throughout the state of Florida with full satisfaction in three key criteria: # 1 Performance – We have invested in highly specialized equipment as well as training for key personnel in order to be able to perform regardless of the type of material chosen. # 2 Pricing – As a result of having different products for each type surface we can compete on price to a degree that our competitors can only dream of. # 3 Products – We have one of the most unique decorative product catalogues in the industry which is supported by one of the best sales and support staff in the state of Florida.

When it comes to artistic and unique designs whether we are working with world renowned artists installing their vision of kinetic art on a roadway or working with local artists installing custom 3-D motifs we are often the chosen company for many regional streetscape and art in public places projects. With our advanced manufacturing capabilities we are able to manufacture any design that your imagination can conceive whether it’s an artistic application for crosswalks, intersections or sidewalks and medians we can make your streetscape vision a reality. Extreme customization is our specialty.

With almost 20 years of installation experience working with all kinds of materials and products (19 and counting) our installation crews are experienced in working under the most difficult installation environments and tightest deadlines so you can be sure that we will get your project completed on time. We are able to do this because of our unfailing commitment to customer service, for we know that our success is closely tied to yours, and the more efficiently we can provide our services, the more success we will both enjoy. Our team of customer service professionals works diligently to understand the needs of every one of our customers, taking a complete list of specs and performance criteria and turning them into fully developed projects.

Looking to the future we at APC understand through years of hands on experience installing every type of product available that a product line can never remain static and thus we continually have products in the Research & Development stage. At this point we are very excited about several decorative surfacing products in different stages of development that we feel will continue to give us the lead over our competition especially as pertains to those companies that offer a very limited product catalogue.

In the almost 20 years that we have been involved in the decorative surfacing industry it has grown exponentially and we have been involved from the very beginning. With the current advancements in manufacturing technology coupled with our vision to see where improvement is needed as pertains to the current and future demands of the decorative market, we want you to feel confident that you have made the right choice by counting on us to satisfy your decorative surfacing needs, whatever your surface may be and where ever it may be located.

  • Almost 20 years experience in the decorative surfacing industry
  • GM Ray Cruz has earned a reputation as one of the leaders in the Florida decorative industry and is often consulted at the first stages of decorative streetscape projects.
  • Minimum 3- year warranty on all installations
  • The leaders in Custom/ Artistic streetscape designs
  • Providers of renewable integral colored surfacing products
  • One of the most durable, varied and colorful product lines available anywhere
  • Product catalogue fully comprised of integral colored products
  • Ongoing Research and Development of future products
  • Most experienced crews available in the state of Florida
  • Multiple (spec # 523) FDOT approved products meaning we have a product specifically designed to meet almost any specification requirements.
  • Budget friendly product line
  • Environmentally friendly / recycled products
  • Manufacturer of ( DURACOLOR ) colored synthetic aggregate providing true integral color for high traffic applications
  • All products proudly MADE IN U.S of A.
  • One company from concept to completion
  • Fully customizable and synchronous product line
  • FDOT and FHWA approved
  • Member USGBC
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  After 15 years in the heavy highway and commercial decorative market, Atlantic Paving can provide you both safety and visibility with proven solutions to fit most budgets. We are proud to offer the most versatile "full spectrum product line" in Florida representing the most proven and durable surfacing products on the market today.
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