• 1. Why does APC offer so many different products?
  • After almost 20 years in the decorative surfacing market we have developed quite a large client base and over these 20 years we have listened to the demands of our clients which range from Major Engineering firms, Large Commercial Developers, Property Management Companies and Municipalities throughout Florida and have slowly developed our product line as a direct response to the needs of these very unique clients. We believe that in order to offer the most competitive product line in the industry we must offer different quality products that are specifically designed for each application. It is based on this core belief that our entire product line has been developed in order to offer the best value and the most competitive pricing available in the State of Florida. We have designed our entire product line to specifically address each type of surface environment found in the FDOT right of way as well as those found in commercial properties of all types.

  • 2. Why do we design our products with the FDOT right of way as the proving grounds?
  • We believe that the FDOT right of way with its inherent high traffic volumes whether talking about (Roadways, Intersections, Crosswalks, Sidewalks, Medians or Colored bike lanes ) is without question the harshest environment for any product to prove itself in. This core concept coupled with our almost 20 years of proven installations in this high traffic environment with many different products (19 and counting) has enabled APC to have a clear understanding of what is required of any product subjected to this environment. Most importantly we believe that once a product has proven itself in this environment it is safe to be used in almost any application.

  • 3. What are the main factors needed for an aesthetically pleasing and durable decorative surface in the roadway?
  • 1 – INTEGRAL COLOR The most important component of any decorative surface is the ability of a colored surface to retain the original intended color when exposed to vehicular traffic and surface wear and this can only be achieved by ensuring the chosen product has the color throughout the entire surface. Some systems that use color coated aggregates have the inherent weakness that upon traffic loading they begin to lose their color coating almost immediately and over time will lose their aesthetic appeal as they lose color & absorb surface contaminants such as oil, fuel and many other motor vehicle fluids which are common on the roadways. These same types of color coated aggregate systems also are susceptible to further color loss from pressure washing. These aesthetic issues can be resolved through the use of either 100 % integral colored aggregates (LIQUIDBRICK ECO) or 100 % integral colored coating (STREETBRICK- XL) (STREETBRICK) (CITYBRICK) or(BICYCLEWAY).

    2 – HIGH FRICTION CHARACTERISTICS This one is rather simple to determine as all you need to look for in the product is whether or not it has an added high friction abrasive that rates high min( 8) on the (mohs) scale as part of the ingredients. Our entire product line is infused with the highest quality abrasives & aluminum oxide in order to ensure long-term high friction characteristics.

    3 – CUSTOMIZED BUILD THICKNESS The ability of the product to be customized to specifically meet the traffic type and volumes expected in the application zone whether talking about vehicular or pedestrian traffic. The benefit of a custom application is that our customers get to keep more of their money in their pockets by not paying for a product that is overkill and not necessary in a specific application.

    4 – RENEWABILITY We feel it is of the utmost important to offer products that have the ability to be cost effectively revitalized either by pressure washing or recoating. Because let’s face it who wants to look at 10 year old crosswalks that have been abused & beaten up by typical vehicular traffic. With this said the ability to cost effectively renew a surface in regular intervals is crucial whether we are talking pressure washing every 3 to 5 years or recoating every 7 to 10 years but the key is it must be cost effective or the municipalities will not create maintenance budgets to address the long term aesthetics of decorative crosswalks and decorative surfaces in general. A quality decorative surface should continue to reflect the original owners / designers intent – pattern & color for many years in order to be considered a successful decorative project. Color coated epoxy aggregate systems do not posses this most important attribute that is why they were originally used solely for high friction applications where color was not a requirement. Here at Atlantic Paving we have never fully embraced these epoxy/ natural aggregate type systems as meeting even the minimum requirements of a true decorative surface for use in the roadway. An exception to this is our LIQUIDBRICK- HF in color (red brick) which is comprised of a fully integral colored natural aggregate.

  • 4. Do we offer consulting services to Municipalities & design firms?
  • Yes, VP/ GM Ray Cruz has over the past almost 20 years in the decorative industry acquired an extensive knowledge base which is of great benefit to those at the beginning stages of a streetscape project design. Because of his hands on experience with some of the most successful products in the industry he can help guide projects in the right direction and eliminate costly design errors. A typical design error that is common in the industry is specifying only color (but not integral color) and by not specifying integral color at the end of two years the chosen color “RED” has faded to brown and has absorbed oils and such and is permanently stained throughout the surface. Specifically he can guide you as to which products have integral color, high friction abrasive and offer the best suitability for a particular design as well as which are the most cost effective over the long term. Also he can inform you as to which type systems use color coated aggregates to provide the color, something Ray Cruz has never accepted as proper for use on the Roadway these type products are more suitable for commercial & residential applications.

  • 5. How long is the warranty for each product?
  • A- CityBrick – 3 years
    B- LiquidBrick – HF 3 years
    C- LiquidBrick eco 3 years
    D- BicycleWay 3 years
    E- StreetBrick XL 3 years
    F- StreetBrick 3 years
    G- Extended warranties available upon request
    H- Maintenance agreements available upon request

  • 6. What is the first step in making my project a success?
  • Contact Founder & GM Ray Cruz @ and take advantage of his many years of experience in this highly specialized field to ensure that your project is properly designed from the beginning , is completed in a professional manner and more importantly will continue to reflect the designers original decorative intent for many years to come.

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