Ray Cruz has been involved in the Highway Decorative surfacing industry from its very beginning in the mid-1990’s when the switch was on from brick pavers to more durable, less-maintenance surface applied treatments. He understands where the industry is headed and which products will lead the industry moving forward. Ray is actively engaged in the development of FDOT spec # 523-1 and 2 Patterned/Pavement – vehicular and non-vehicular and FDOT spec# 527 Detectable warning surfaces, through the continued development, testing and evaluation of varied decorative products for use in the public right of way to include crosswalks and colored bike lanes.

Since 1997, Vice President, Qualifying Agent, Member USGBC Atlantic Paving Co., Inc. Miami Florida, a well-established, full service, midsize paving company, comprised of Paving Engineering Division and Decorative Surfacing Division, specializing in high friction decorative surfacing for major roadways, streets as well as decorative and solar reflective parking lots throughout Florida.

Through intensive training of company personnel, Ray has acquired for Atlantic Paving certified applicator status for installation of 19 varied products for use in the FDOT right of way, guaranteeing a clear understanding of product performance in the most extreme environment.

As prior owner and qualifying agent of a construction/ development company, Ray also possesses a unique perspective of the varied surface environments comprising the Building industry – from residential to commercial developments. Whether replicating a brick paver look or stamped concrete or adding non- slip surfacing to wet environments, Ray is always seeking innovative as well as cost effective ways to help clients attain their specific surfacing needs. Ray continues to be at the forefront of product development and testing as pertains to applications for streetscape designs, including roadways, crosswalks, medians, sidewalks and parking lots.

As head of product development at APC, Ray has developed six different proprietary products, four of which are currently listed on the exclusive FDOT Qualified Products List, which determines, after very stringent testing, which products are allowed to be used on the state roadways.

His primary clients include FDOT, FHWA and FDEP, as well as numerous county, municipal and city public works departments. Specialty applications include: decorative crosswalks, intersections, colored bike lanes, patterned sidewalks and medians and LEED certified SRI coatings for parking lots and pedestrian plazas.

The Paving Engineering Division offers complete roadway and parking lot construction services including: site clearing, drainage, grading and base work, curb and gutter, sidewalk, asphalt paving, patching, striping and signage. APC also specializes in large custom driveways, tennis and basketball courts and municipal walking paths.

Ray Cruz' main goal from the founding of APC, has always been to brand the company as a wholly unique, all-in-one surfacing Company, combining a full service paving engineering firm with a all in one decorative surfacing company, its main focus centered around providing clients with a full spectrum product line capable of covering any surface that is exposed to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

As leader of the Research and Development Dept., Ray Cruz has assured that Atlantic succeeds in having several proprietary products tested and approved by FDOT for use on Florida highways and roads. In his defining role as Vice President, Ray has positioned the company to not only prosper in what is a very competitive market, but also to be leaders in the development and application of products specifically designed for every type surface in streetscape projects and or commercial properties by offering one of the most unique and competitive product lines in the industry.
As General Manager, he assures that well trained qualified personnel are focused on the main goal as leaders in the field, providing highest quality installations, on time and always to the customer’s satisfaction.

Ray Cruz has further designed and implemented a 5-year product evaluation plan in which APC reviews the entire line and evaluates their performance, replacing those products not performing to their standards with those that they have been field testing for a minimum of three years, assuring that APC continues to offer its clients the best decorative surfacing product line currently available, always with an eye towards the future and latest cutting edge technologies.
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  After 15 years in the heavy highway and commercial decorative market, Atlantic Paving can provide you both safety and visibility with proven solutions to fit most budgets. We are proud to offer the most versatile "full spectrum product line" in Florida representing the most proven and durable surfacing products on the market today.
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