LIQUID BRICK ECO w/ DURACOLOR colored aggregate is a unique colorful surfacing system comprised of a thermosetting modified epoxy compound designed to hold the specialized aggregate firmly in place under the most extreme vehicle traffic conditions. With the unique DURACOLOR colored aggregate Liquid Brick ECO ensures one of most vibrant and durable colored surfaces available for use on FDOT roadways. Our unique lifetime color guarantee is based on our specially designed, fully synthetic, integral colored aggregate that stands worlds apart from other competitors which only offer color coated natural aggregates. Integral colored aggregates guarantee color retention for the entire design life of the surface because there is no color loss due to heavy traffic abrasion. Also, due to the synthetic composition of the aggregate it is impervious to contaminants common on the roadways and will not absorb oils, fuel, tar etc. This coupled with the aggregate being of 100 % integral color allows the original colors to remain vibrant for the entire life cycle of the product. In addition the surface can be regularly pressure washed even with hot water without the fear of striping away the color. In certain applications where the surface color is actually a safety feature intended to warn motorist or pedestrians of a dangerous location such as those found at a “Dynamic Envelope” at Rail Road Crossings or “School Crossings” the inherent colorfastness, as well as the ability of the surface to be continually pressure washed make the product the simple choice when compared to other epoxy/ aggregate systems that are simply color coated on the surface.
BENEFITS: ECO Friendly 100% Recycled Aggregate / Integral Colored Aggregate / Stain Proof / Washable / Fortified with High Friction Abrasives
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